Ozioma Application
Ozioma is most appropriate for sending meeting alerts, wedding invitation, birthday notifications, event notifications etc. Can be used by schools, banks, businesses, individuals, organizations etc. It allows for customization of SMS sender's name which could be your name or company name.
Ozioma description
General Overview

Bulk sms is a very common word to us, and in the general understanding it entails sending of one particular sms to many recipients at the same time, and another exciting understanding of it is that it is usually cheaper!
Bulk smsing systems is no longer a new thing in this times and usually, as it is presently, if I need to send a particular sms to some "bunch of people" I have to go out searching for some specific set of people known to specialize "sort of" in sending bulk sms, I give them my message, recipients phone numbers and the rest is history!
Ozioma is a new technology that does the same old bulk smsing, but in a new way and with a new tool that gives you that sort of convienence and control you desire.

What is Ozioma

From two Igbo words, translated to mean "GOODNEWS" in English language.
Ozioma is an application uniquely designed to facilitate your sending of single or bulk sms from your mobile phone or desktop computer at your own convenience, control, and at a cheap rate!
She is a revolving technology whose development is a continuous process, so as to meet your maximum satisfaction and objective.

Ozioma is most appropriat for sending meetings alert/reminder, wedding invitations, birthday notifications/message, advertisement, event notification, simple smsing, and any other messaging purpose your mind can conceive of, which is within the scope of the application design.
If however, your usage objective is not met by the initial application design you can send a message to us using the "Contact Us" feature of the application to communicate your objective goal, this will be analyzed and treated and response will be sent back to you.
Ozioma can be used by schools, banks, businesses, individuals, institutions, organizations, etc.
Starter tip
Starter tip for using ozioma are as follows:
  • Download and install Ozioma
  • Signup
  • Login to your account
  • Activate your account (With the activation code sent to you after you signed up)
  • Create contact group (This is aimed at organizing your "Usual set of recipients" into a group so that whenever you have to send them an sms more than one time you don't have to start typing or importing their phone numbers from your phone book over again, you just have to select the contact group they belong to and your sms will be sent to them)
  • Ozi Units: To be able to sent sms you have to buy sms unit.
  • Start sending SMS.
Mobile Requirement
Ozioma can run on Java enabled devices, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Desktop Computer.

To use Ozioma on mobile phone, you mobile phone must fulfill the following criteria:
  • Internet Access: Your phone must be able to connect to the Internet. Ozioma works well on 3G network, GPRS, WiFi.
  • Support Personal Information Manager(for mobile java version): for importing phone numbers from your Sim/Phone when you want to create contact list or when you want to set reciepient for the messages you will be sending.
Note:Ozioma Java version is designed to leverage the UI(user interface) capabilities of your mobile phone, this means that the visual appearance of Ozioma is soley dependent on your phone display capabilities.
Note: If the display of Ozioma is not appealing in your mobile phone, please try changing your theme, as one of ozioma design objective is to appear in a way that is "usual" to you, thus, using your own mobile phone display capabilities to render the application in a setting that you are used to.

Ozioma is made up of the following modules, which, practically, you will be using very often.

Create Account
For you to harness the services Ozioma offers you must have an active account. This is usually the first thing that will be required of you after downloading and installing the application. You can create account from the login menu "Create Account" option.
The following information will be required of you:
  • Username: Here you have to create a username for yourself, you will be asked to provide this when you want to login.
  • Password: Coupled together with your username this become you identity in the Ozioma circle. you will be required of them when you want to login, change password, share sms units etc
  • Phone number: Your phone number will be required of you so that, upon successfully creating your account an sms will be sent to you with your activation code, apart from this your phone number will not be used for any other purpose whatsoever(i.e for advertisement).
  • Recommender username: Here you are to provide, if you were recommended by a friend to use Ozioma, you are to provide his/her username name, by so doing he/she receives an sms unit bonus.
  • Secret code: Your secret code is a kind of second password, that you will be mandated to provide when ever you want to perform very sensitive operations as you use the software(such as password recovery). As the name implies it should be confidential, but keep it simple to what you can easily remenber.
Once you have met the above criteria your account is just a click away. press the "Create" command or button from your menu and you will get a confirmation notifying you wether your account has been created or not.
Here you are expected to provide your username and password pair, this gives you and only you access to your account and your confidential information, etc.
If you have forgotten your password, use the "Recover password" button or command from the login menu. provide the required information and a new password will be sent to you via sms (you can then login with the new password and change it).
Activate Account
Once your account is successfully created, sms containing your account activation code will be sent to you (this is one of the reasons you must provide your authentic phone number).
On your very first login, if you are authenticated, you will be presented with a form to input your activation code, type the code in the account activation sms that was sent to you in the textfield you will see and press the activate command. if the activation code you typed is correct you will be notified of the sucessful activation of your account.
Once this is accomplished, Ozioma services are all yours!
Contact Group
This is one of the features that makes ozioma unique, your ability to create distinct contact lists, i.e arranging your contacts into groups, this carters for reusability in the sense that you don't have to be taking stress to type reciepients phone numbers over and over again. example, you have one hundred friends, say in your work place, you can group them into a contact groupt called "MyWorkCollegues" whenever you have to send them an sms, you just have to select "MyWorkCollegues" and your sms will be delivered to all of them. imagine how stressful it would be if you were to send them 4 sms in a day, you will have to be typing one hundred phone numbers at every instance.
Messaging, this can be rightly seen as the heart of Ozioma, the most paramount objective of the applications design and architecture.
This feature can be activated from the application main menu list, here your are provided with the interface to compose your sms, select reciepient contact group(s) and also a textfield to input additional phone number(s) to add to the reciepients of the sms.
Note:Sometime you may not want to send your sms to many reciepient, for this reason, the additional phone number text field is provided so you can simply type in the phone number of the person(s) you want to sent your sms to whether or not that person is in any of your contact group, and whether or not you select a contact group.
This field is optional, but it can be combined, i.e you can provide addtional phone number and also select various contact groups.
Once this is done, you have three options, you can either send the message, save it to your draft list or schedule it to be sent later. Depending on your selection, you will get notified of the state of you operation.

  • Outbox: This houses all your sucessfully sent messages. from here you can see the numbers that you sms was not delivered to, and from the menu you choose to resend to all or to failed numbers only.
    Incase you want to reuse the same message, you have "Edit" option in the "view" command of the outbox form, this will load the message into the compose sms form, here you can "retouch" then select a whole new set of reciepients.
  • Draft: This lists out all your saved messages. you can send, edit or delete.

Ozi Units

Just like you have to recharge your prepaid mobile account to be able to make a phone call, the same is applicable to Ozioma, you need to have sms unit to be able to send an sms.
Here is the understanding, Normally, when you pay someone to send an sms to ten persons for you, what happens is that every single phone number in the reciepient list attract a fee, if for instance, the cost of sending an sms to a single reciepient is 'YY' Naira, that therefore mean that the cost of sending an sms to ten person will be 'YY' Naira times 10. the big idea here is that bulk smsing is cheaper and truly Ozioma operates strictly on that philosophy, giving you a cheap rate for your sms.

The "Ozi Units" feature can be activated from applications main menu, from here you will be required to input the quantity of sms you want to buy, and also on the same form is Ozioma pricing list so you can know the sms unit range available.
once you have inputed the quanity of sms you need which is within Ozioma sms unit range. You will be presented with a summary of the amount you are expected to pay. The math is simple, Ozioma make it flexible as to charge you based on the quantity of sms unit demanded.

If Ozioma charges 'YY' Naira for sms unit within the range of 50 to 999.
And the quantity you demanded is three hundred
You will be required to pay 'YY' Naira time three hundred for the quantity demanded.

Payment Scheme

  • Bank payment:
    Once you have confirmed that you are willing to pay the computed amout, the next form will present a list of banks details for you to choose which bank you want to pay to. On the same form is a "Process" command, press on the command to process you transaction information. if successfully processed you will be notified that your transaction has been process sucessfully and also your transaction code will be present to you, copy that code as it is and preserve it, you will be required to provide it at the bank. however, you can also see all you transaction information from the "Purchase history" of the statistics feature, incase you lost the "copy out" of your transaction code.
  • Mobile payment:
    Based on the recent development in the finance industry, with the advent of the "Cashless economy" where the Central Bank Of Nigeria has given out licences to various banks and operators to start operating the mobile money system.
    This also provide great ease for you, in the sense that you can use your master card, Visa card, ATM card etc to pay for your SMS Unit Instanly.
  • Transfer:
    As it is our objective to offer you that sort of services that give you such ease and convenience, you can also transfer unit with your friends and love onces.
  • Voucher
    Ozioma also has dealers and resellers - these category of people buy their ozioma voucher PINs in huge quantity print and distribute them out to retailers who are spatially scattered, so all you just have to do is walk up to a retailer around your area or street, buy your voucher and load the PIN. Automatically you will credited with the units worth of the voucher PIN you loaded.
Life is inspiring when there are things to excite us, Recommendation in Ozioma context connotes that, as a user, who have used Ozioma and has appreciated the ease and convenience it offers, you may have friends who you know very intimately that Ozioma is the right tool he/she need in his/her business, enterprises or anything it is you know there are doing, you can recommend the software to them by typing or importing their phone numbers, into the recommendation form and also specifying your name or identity so they will know it's you involved, once you have done this press the "Done" command from the recommendation form Menu. The recommendee will recieve an sms in your name, telling them about Ozioma.
Note: You will be charged for every recommendee, but the goodie to this is that as soon as your recommendees signs up specifying you as their 'Recommender' you will be given a bonus that will repay your cost of recommendation and also some extra units on top of it.
Statistics as the name implies, is a "rundown" of all the "transactive" operation you have done since you started using Ozioma. this include your:
  • All Time Credit: This spit out the credit unit you have accumulated since you started using Ozioma
  • Current Credit: This spits the current sms unit plus current bonus unit you have.
  • Used Credit: This spits all the sms unit you have used since you started using Ozioma
  • Sent SMS : This spits the total sms number of sms you have sent.
  • Delivered SMS: This signified the total number of delivered you have sent
  • Failed: This signified the total number of failed sms from all the sms you have been sending since you started using Ozioma
  • Transfered Credit: This shows the total amount of sms units you have transfered since you started using Ozioma.
  • Received Credit: This shows the total amount of sms units you have recieved since you started using Ozioma.
  • All Time Bonus: This show all the bonus you have been awarded since you started using Ozioma.
  • Current Bonus: This spits you current sms unit bonus.

In the Statistics menu, you will see the following options:
  • Purchase History: This is a list of all the purchase transaction and their details that you have made.
  • Shared history: this is further componentised into :
    • Transfered History: This list out all the sms unit transfer you have made.
    • Received History: This list out all the sms unit you have received.
  • Bonus History: This is a list of all the sms unit bonus you have received.


Notifications is a mean whereby Ozioma relate pressing information to you which could be about an improvement in her services, upgrades, bonus notification, etc.
Contact Us
To keep in touch with your need Ozioma is packaged with the "Contact Us" feature, this can be found under "Reach Out" menu.
"Contact Us" is a feature that allow you to stay in close touch with us. Whenever you are in a situation that you know vividly that our attention is needed as reguarding the services Ozioma offers or Ozioma itself as an application, you use this module to communicate your message to us, whatever it is you think is on your mind and we will respond back to you.
Change Password
Just like an old tale says that the security of any treasure is dependent on how good the security mechanism employed to protect it is. As it is a security measure, the security of you sms units, your contact group, the privacy of your sms is solely dependent on your username and password, it is advicesible to alway change your password often to be sure of maximum security of your information.