Transactional - For Enterprise

Transactional SMS is used for sending vital or necessary information to the customers regarding a product or service. Examples are e-commerce sites, sending messages of order invoice number, delivery status, receipt of transaction etc to its customers.
Basically the transactional route is used by companies and organizations who want to send non promotional SMS to both DND and non DND numbers. You can send the message without approval.

Transactional messages are not intended for marketing purposes. Their main motive is to convey the required information to its users. The following are the examples of transactional SMS:
► Dear Customer,
Thank you for shopping from Flipkart. We will notify you when your order is shipped.
► Dear Customer,
Your OTP for single use is 74561. Only valid for 20 minutes. Keep it confidential.

Features of Transactional SMS
1. In the transactional route you are eligible to send SMS without approval.
2. In this route messages can be sent to both DND and non DND numbers.
3. You can send SMS 24*7, without any time restraints.
4. The SMS gets delivered instantly without any hassle.
5. SMS can be sent using your own Sender ID.