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We have the most talented engineers out there so your application receives
attention from industry expects every step of the way.

Chibex Technologies crafts      software            website          mobile app    cloud solution with professional quality.

Our designers are handpicked for their approach to aesthetics and vitual quality.
Their artistry brings color, form and vitual communication to you application.

Stage One Discovery

First, we meet with the client and absorb the idea of the project. Taking the time to understand their idea.

Stage Two Design

Here, the visual look of the project is refined. Moving from wireframes to basic mockups, our designers receive feedback from clients as they iterate to finished mockups.

How we work

Stage Three Develop

Applying an agile technique, our developers create a robust and scalable application that is ultimately joined with the visual design.

Stage Four Iterate

We value long-term relationships with our clients; that's why we continue to make ourselves available to them long after we help deploy their first application.

Ozioma Messaging App for Mobile Devices ...Slick!

Ozioma mobile app design is slick and looks stunning on any device.

100% Responsive

Ozioma is fully responsive and will adapt itself to any mobile or tablet device.

Retina Ready

Ozioma is Retina Ready and always looks perfect on any devices.

Everything you need for your mobile marketing.

Ozioma messaging app is available on Mobile, Web, Desktop and as well has API for the Enterprise.

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Simple to use Web Portal

Ozioma web portal is very simple to understand and use without any training, with all the functionality well organised on the portal into menus and sub-menus on the left hand side of the screen you should be able to navigate your way around and start sending your first messages in matter of seconds.

Slick Desktop App for PC & MAC

Ozioma Desktop brings the same look, feel and slickness of Ozioma Mobile to your desktop computer enabling you to move seamlessly between mobile devices and desktop computers while retaining the same great experience because Ozioma adapts to any screen size and device pixel density.

Ozioma Key Features

There are so many reasons to choose Ozioma, here are a few items:

SMS Marketing

Follow SMS (Autoresponder)

API - For Enterprise

SMS Scheduling

Auto Birthday SMS

SMS Forwarding

Ad & SMS Campaign

SMS Tagging

Contact Grouping

Phonebook (Cloud Backup)

SMS Collection

Free SMS (Unlimited)

and so much more...