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Who We Are

Chibex Technologies (CT) is an Information Technology company that specializes in software development and electronic gadget designing & programming. It is incorporated in Nigeria by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The company is by many standards a young one, however it boast of a small but highly skilled team that has a combined experience of many years and expertise in solutions development.

Software Development
Mobile Marketing

We have the most talented engineers out there so your application receives attention from industry expects every step of the way. Our designers are handpicked for their approach to aesthetics and vitual quality. Their artistry brings color, form and vitual communication to you application. DESIRE, we make it come alive.


First, we meet with the client and absorb the idea of the project. Taking the time to understand their idea ensures their core vision is communicated to our team. Then we proceed in mapping out a plan of how each of the following phases will transpire.


Here, the visual look of the project is refined. Moving from wireframes to basic mockups, our designers receive feedback from clients as they move through iterations toward finished mockups. User interfaces are refined, yielding themselves to a user experience in line with the original vision.


Our developers are building the backend architecture to power the application. Applying an agile technique, they create a robust and scalable application. The framework takes shape and is ultimately joined with the visual design. Voila! The application comes to life.


We value long-term relationships with our clients; that's why we continue to make ourselves available to them long after we help deploy their first application. Following a successful product launch, our team continues to monitor, maintain and update projects where there is a need.